Who is the Balodabazar Collector whose office was vandalized and set on fire?

Balodabazar Collector Kumar Lal Chauhan

On Monday 10th, there was a big commotion in Balodabazar of Chhattisgarh. People of Satnami community reached here in large numbers and surrounded the Collector and protested fiercely. He was enraged to see a demonstration of people protesting together at the Dussehra ground. Meanwhile, the demonstrators set fire to the collector’s office. Along with this, many vehicles parked in the collector premises were set on fire. An atmosphere of chaos was created at the place. The entire collectorate was engulfed in flames.

Recently the people of Satnami community were protesting against the demolition of the religious symbol Amar Gufa and the breaking of Jaitkham, in which more than 10 thousand people participated. Meanwhile, there was a clash between the demonstrators and the police in which many people were seriously injured. After which somehow the policemen present at the spot ran away to save their lives.

Who is Balodabazar Collector?

Talking about Balodabazar Collector, his name is Kumar Lal Chauhan. He was appointed as the 10th Collector in the district. He assumed his post in March. Before this, he has been the Collector of Kanker and Sarangad Bilaigarh. Collector Kumar Lal Chauhan has also held the job of CEO of Janjgir Champa and Kabirdham District Panchayats. Apart from this, he has worked as Additional Collector in Balodabazar from 2009 to 2011. Kumar Lal Chauhan is a 2009 batch IAS.

Why is satnami society upset?

In fact, people of this Satnami community worship Sant Amardas Tapobhumi in Mahkoni village of Girodpuri in Baloda Bazar. A few days ago miscreants attacked here. During this time, miscreants cut down the Jetkham, the sacred symbol of the Satnami community. Jaitkham is the name of the flag of the Satnami sect. Jetkham is considered the symbol of this sect. The community’s largest Jaitkham is in Girodhpuri, Chhattisgarh. Due to which the people of this society were protesting.


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