Market posted record drop amid election results, investors lost Rs 30.41 lakh crore

Although the stock market closed on Tuesday with a recovery of about 2 thousand points, the fall that has been seen. Because of this, more than 17 million investors have lost sleep. Sensex is witnessing a drop of over 6200 points during the day. At the same time, a drop of over 1900 points was seen in Nifty. After the market close, the Sensex fell 6.6 per cent. While Nifty closed down around 6 per cent. After the market closed, stock market investors suffered a loss of Rs 30.41 lakh crore.

If we talk about stocks, Reliance Industries shares closed down 7.5 per cent. On the other hand, shares of the Adani Group’s largest company, Adani Enterprises, closed down 19 per cent and Adani Ports closed down over 21 per cent. SBI shares have seen a fall of 14 per cent and NTPC shares have fallen over 15 per cent. Let’s see what kind of data is seen on Sensex and Nifty in the stock market.

Sensex closes with a big drop

The main index of the Bombay Stock Exchange, Sensex, closed with a big drop. According to the data, Sensex closed at 72,079.05 points down by 4,389.73 points. However, during the trading session the Sensex fell by approximately 9 per cent i.e. 6,234.35 points and reached 70,234.43 points. Sensex has declined since Tuesday morning. While a day earlier the Sensex had closed at 76,468.78 points. On Monday it closed with a rise of more than 2,500 points due to the impact of exit poll data.


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