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In Baramati Lok Sabha, except Bhor assembly, all five seats Purandar-Indapur-Baramati-Daund-Khadakvasla had MLAs. But people voted for Supriya Sule. All the six MLAs of Shirur Lok Sabha constituencies Junnar, Ambegaon, Khed-Alandi, Shirur, Bhosari and Hadapsar were from Mahayuti. However, Amol Kolhe of Sharad Pawar faction won. All the MLAs of Sinnar, Nashik East, Nashik Central, Nashik West, Deolali, Igatpuri of Nashik Lok Sabha were from Mahayuti. But the victory went to the Thackeray group which did not have a single MLA.

MLAs from all the six constituencies of Nandgaon, Kalvan, Chandwad, Yeola, Niphad and Dindori of Dindori Lok Sabha belonged to Mahayuti. However, victory went to Bhaskar Bhagre of Sharad Pawar faction who did not have a single MLA. After Shiv Sena split, Uddhav Thackeray had only 5 MPs out of 18. The remaining 13 MPs went to Shinde faction. After the results, Thackeray’s MPs went from 5 to 9 and Shinde’s from 13 to 7, despite retaining them, NCP won only 4 seats in 2019. This year Sharad Pawar got 8 MPs and Ajit Dada got just one MP despite many heavyweights including his nephew Ajit Pawar breaking away.

Despite having big faces, Congress could win only 1 MP in 2019. Despite the split of many faces, Congress has 13 MPs this year. In 2019, BJP won 23 MPs by forming an alliance with Uddhav Thackeray. This year, despite the unconditional support of Shinde-Ajit Pawar along with Raj Thackeray, BJP’s tally came down from 23 to 9 seats. In the last assembly, Ram Satpute of Beed was made the candidate by BJP from Malshiras. Mohite’s supporters made him win. But after becoming an MLA for the first time, Ram Satpute was accused of usurping the credit of many schemes, even in the meetings, Satpute’s speech reflected arrogance. The encouragement given to a supporter named Dharma Mane was also particularly popular. But the courageous Mohit, who contested from Dharma Mane’s village Kaner, has got a lead of 350 votes. People did not like the language of any person or party doing favors to the people. After this, there was a contest of challenge-counter-challenge in Madha.

The people of Solapur also did not like the fact that the candidate of the ruling party of the country was raising slogans like a new worker and creating religious polarization. Madha-Solapurkars also rejected the politics of Damdati. On April 26, Abhijit Patil of Pandharpur was in Mavia’s meeting. On the same day, his factory was sealed in the 2021 case. On April 28, Patal met Fadnavis. On April 29, Abhijit Patil joined the Mahayuti campaign and miraculously within 2 days the seizure of the factory was lifted. In that, the statements given in the meetings of staunch Fadnavis supporter Sadabhau Khota caused more harm to the BJP than benefit.

The people of Nanded themselves voted against Congress Chief Minister Ashok Chavan and his father. The discussion of Chavan becoming a BJP member due to fear of action also became an issue in the elections. Ultimately, despite the name “Ashok”, Chavan could not stop BJP in Nanded. And another Chavan of Congress brought ‘spring’ to Nanded. Congress has taken a lead in Ashok Chavan’s own area. At present, Ashok Chavan is safe by winning the Rajya Sabha. But even after his arrival, what did BJP gain by losing Nanded will be a subject of research.

In Pune, Vanchit’s Vasant More’s post went so viral that even his Facebook followers did not get that many votes. More’s Facebook page is followed by 5 lakh 67 thousand people. But Moores, who claimed victory, got only 32 thousand 12 votes. Prakash Ambedkar also had the illusion of BJP that when a leader of another party is taken along, the public also comes along. Prakash Ambedkar had given the math behind giving ticket to Vasant More that Vasant More had taken a stand against Raj Thackeray’s Bhonga movement. So 2 lakh votes are in Vasant More’s pocket. So why leave such a candidate? But in democracy, votes do not come from the leader’s pocket but from the public, this thing was again proved by the result of Maharashtra.

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This year, the statements and campaigning of the leaders of the Mahayuti were negative. Many people themselves were surprised by the campaigning of the candidates that even if they are angry with us, they should vote for Modi. In fact, despite being a big force in 2019, the inroads into the seats lost last time had become a question mark on the image of the BJP. In 2019, Ashok Chavan lost the Nanded Lok Sabha seat by just 40 thousand votes. In this, the share of the vanquished was 1 lakh 66 thousand votes. 40 days before the entry, Chavan himself had claimed that this year the Nanded seat is difficult for the BJP. But the Fadnavis-Shinde government sitting in the opposition gave a guarantee of 147 crores to Ashok Chavan’s factory. A few months after that, Ashok Chavan joined the BJP… the very next day he became a Rajya Sabha MP. But he could not stop the defeat of Nanded.

Navneet Rana, who contested as an independent in 2019, won with the support of the NCP. After winning, he chose to go with the BJP. This year, the BJP was hopeful of winning after understanding the odds against it. But Navneet Rana also lost. Even in the Modi wave, the BJP could not win the stronghold of Baramati. This year Ajit Pawar was taken along and his wife was given a ticket. The number of MLAs, strength, future of schemes, mathematics of factories, everything was in favor of the Mahagathbandhan. However, in Baramati, it lost by more than one lakh votes.

BJP gave ticket to Yamini Jadhav in South Mumbai who was accused by Thackeray faction. So now it is time for BJP to campaign for those whose allegations led to raids on Jadhav. Many hoped that Modi would get them votes but it proved unsuccessful. Mumbai North West Grand Alliance had no candidate. Vaikars who were raided by ED on BJP’s allegations were given entry and tickets, but they won by just 48 votes in the postal poll. The debate is still on.

Mahayuti defeated Congress MLA Raju Parve and gave him ticket from Ramtak seat. Later, after BJP raised objection on her caste, Congress candidate Rashmi Barve’s candidature was cancelled. Rashmi Barve’s husband Shamkumar Barve became Congress candidate as dummy candidate. And he won. Parve, who left Congress and joined Shinde faction, also lost his MLA post. His dream of becoming MP also remained unfulfilled. Elections are not fought on leaders but on public issues and public trust. Maharashtra has given this simple and straight message this year.


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