Pace of innovation…Congress will claim to establish power, formula ready; What is a Small Claims Claim?

We are the biggest party in the country. We will claim to establish power. We have all the formulas ready. All the MPs are from Delhi. MP will come to Delhi today and the process of establishment of power has started. Congress state president Nana Patole has claimed that the process of government formation has started in Delhi. So there is a debate in political circles. Will the Congress really make any move to form the government? Such a question is asked.

Congress state president Nana Patole’s only reaction was to hold media talks. All MPs of the state have been contacted. I am going to Delhi tomorrow. MPs in Delhi have been informed about this. We will form the government in Delhi. We have prepared a plan, this information was given by Nana Patole.

Came as a small gesture

Mahavikas Aghadit Congress period would have been a big brother. Even today there is an elder brother. Elder brother Asel is in Udhya Legislative Assembly. Jaga Vatpatahi Congress would have been Big Brother. We will have groups with us for a long time. There will be parties, Asha Tola Nana Patole is fond of Sharad Pawar and Uddhav Thackeray. We are big brothers. He took out such forceps that small feelings were like small feelings.

An expression of emotional conflict. That is why the Mahavikas Aghadi should deal with petty sentiments, said Asan Teh. Also Vishal Patil will be with Rahul Gandhi. This is how he made it clear, said Nana Patole.

50 seat winners in Vidarbha

Today is my birthday. I express my gratitude to the people of the state. He has won the victory and gifted us. There is drought in the state. The drought picture is dire. Or has the government neglected the farmers? Vidarbha would have been a stronghold of Congress. Later, BJP collapsed. The next level is our exclusive. He has claimed that we will win 50 out of 62 seats in Vidarbha in the upcoming assembly elections.


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