Maharashtra BJP: The situation turned around, these ‘things’ came to light. What are the 5 reasons for BJP’s defeat in Maharashtra?

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Although the highway of power passes through Uttar Pradesh, the survey data has once again shown that Maharashtra has retained the throne of Delhi. After Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, the second important state, gave a boost to the BJP. There are 48 Lok Sabha seats in the state. BJP could lose only 9 of these seats. In 2019, BJP won 23 out of 25 seats in the state. But this year, while calculating the power, BJP leaders did not even realize when the votes got cut.

ED-CBI action

The opposition often alleged that the ED-CBI was being used as a tool. Allegations were made that the ED-CBI was set after the Shiv Sena and NCP leaders in the state. However, the central institutions were salivating due to Sharad Pawar’s special agitation in Mumbai. It was alleged that these institutions were used to crush the opposition.

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Operation Lotus

When BJP had a huge majority, it had to sit on the opposition bench. It was during this period that BJP launched Operation Lotus. Shiv Sena was already in the tunnel. The entire country saw the drama of Surat, Assam to Goa route. A coup happened with one faction. Within a few days, the NCP’s fort was broken. Surveys showed that there is no end to this tumultuous politics in Maharashtra.

Maratha factor hits

Presenting the results of eight seats of Marathwada, political analyst Prof. Ganesh Mohite explained. He said that people are not able to digest the politics of revenge in the state. Maharashtra’s DNA is different. Maharashtra’s nature is to be inclusive and to take everyone along. In the last few years, BJP’s politics has hurt them. He told that people expressed their displeasure through the ballot box.

The anger of the farmers subsided

According to journalists and experts, ignoring the interests of farmers has been a big setback for the BJP. Although the central government has started giving assistance of rupees. Apart from this, onion, cotton, soybean and other agricultural commodities did not get the right price. Farmers are angry with the BJP’s policy regarding paddy export.

Congress should not be taken lightly

They did not like the BJP’s notion that the Congress was not in the contest. The notion that the Congress was just a name was probably not true. The attempt to give a jolt to the Congress by breaking away former chief minister Ashok Chavan did not yield any result. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi directly interacted with the people by organising Bharat Jodo and later Nyay Yatra. The BJP’s claim that the Congress would not win even 50 seats was refuted by winning the seats.

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