Tv9 Marathi Special Report: Shinde Gatavadhyach Jaga, Dada Gatachi Maang, Paha Video

Ajit Pawar came during the Lok Sabha elections and started demanding seats for the assembly. Minister Bhujbalani Kelia demanded that Shinde’s members should be better, they should be given the same. Minister of State Anil Patlani claimed 80 Jaganchas.

The assembly woke up, Ajit Pawar’s nationalist minister came and openly said ‘Laglet’. Deputy Minister Anil Patlani demanded 80 seats. In the afternoon, at the Nationalist Convention, Bhujbalani again stopped the relief of 80 Jaganwars. Maharashtra assembly election is in 6 months..woke up when the election was going on. Shinde’s MPs are more, I don’t want to say anything, said Bhujbalani Avarjun.

In the Lok Sabha elections held in Nukta, 48 candidates were elected from Pakki, 28 candidates from BJP were elected. Shinden’s Shiv Sena got 15 seats. Ajit Pawar’s nationalist got 4 seats. That is why Bhujbalani Muddam Shindenchya Shivsena Pranam Samsmaran Jaganch is worth mentioning. BJP has 105 MLAs on its own and 114 from allied parties. Shinde’s Shiv Sena has 40 MLAs on its own and 10 others have 50 MLAs. Ajit Pawar’s nationalist wing has 40 MLAs. Obviously BJP is more important but Shinde is better than Shinde, we are like Bhujbal Mannaiah.

The 40 MLAs who made such a claim include Leader of Opposition Vijay Vadetti, Warani Shinde and Ajit Pawar. Mahayutila made a strong showing in the Lok Sabha elections and the Mahavikas Aghadi elected 30 MPs. Assembly elections are near. Rautani has claimed that Mahavikas Aghadi got 180-185 seats in the Assembly alone.


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