On 12th July, Anant-Radhika’s wedding, the wedding card was revealed

Anant Ambani, younger son of Asia’s leading businessman Mukesh and Nita Ambani, is getting married soon. Anant-Radhika’s wedding card has been revealed before their wedding. Anant-Radhika will get married on July 12 at the Jio World Convention Center in BKC, Mumbai. The marriage will be performed in a traditional Hindu Vedic ceremony. Earlier it was said that Anantha-Radhika’s wedding will take place at London’s luxury hotel Stoke Park. However, it was later confirmed that the wedding would take place at Ambani’s own Jio World Center and not anywhere else.

News agency ANI has revealed the wedding card of Mukesh Ambani's son and daughter-in-law through a tweet, the auspicious wedding ceremony will start from July 12. July 13 Saturday will be a day of auspicious blessings. There will be a Mangal Utsav or wedding reception on Sunday, July 14.


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