Lok Sabha election results: BJP did not get a single seat in these 7 states

The results of the Lok Sabha elections are out. BJP, which gave the slogan of crossing 400, has suffered a big setback in this election. The party has also failed to get a majority on its own. Compared to the last two Lok Sabha elections, this year has been the worst for the party. This time the party seems to be limited to only 240. In the last election, the party had won 303 seats on its own. Now BJP has to form the government along with other NDA allies. But the interesting thing is that BJP has not got a single seat in 7 states and 4 union territories of the country.

BJP’s vote percentage has fallen in this state in the Lok Sabha elections. This time the party seems to be getting around 240 seats. In the last election, the party had won 303 seats. In the 2014 election, the party had won 282 seats on its own. This time the party got 36.61 percent votes. In 2019, the voting percentage was 37.69. But in 2014, the party got 31 percent votes. In the last general election, the party got 19.66 percent votes. In the last election, Congress had won 52 seats. This time Congress seems to be winning around 100 seats.

Setback to BJP in Punjab, Manipur

BJP has suffered a major setback in Punjab. The party has been completely devastated in Punjab. The party had two MPs in the last election. This time BJP has not got even a single seat in Punjab. If BJP had formed an alliance with Shiromani Akali Dal in Punjab, they would have benefited here.

The party has once again failed to open its account in Tamil Nadu in South India. Prime Minister Modi’s visit and election campaign did not benefit the party. The party could not win even a single seat out of the 39 seats in the state.

Congress has captured two Lok Sabha seats in Manipur. BJP could not even open its account here. BJP got 16.58 percent votes here. There is one Lok Sabha seat in Sikkim. Sikkim Krantikari Morcha won this seat.

Account not opened in these states

Tamil Nadu Punjab Sikkim Manipur Meghalaya Mizoram Nagaland

Union Territory

Puducherry Chandigarh Ladakh Lakshadweep

Setback to BJP in Union Territories

BJP has also suffered a setback in the Union Territory. BJP will have to lose the Chandigarh seat. BJP candidate Sanjay Tandon lost the Chandigarh seat by 2504 votes. Last time, party leader Kiran Kher had won the election from this seat. Similarly, the party could not open its account in Puducherry, Ladakh and Lakshadweep.


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