Daljit Kaur furious after seeing her second husband with his girlfriend, targeted once again

Daljit and Nikhil are separated from each other Image Credit Source: Social Media

Daljit Kaur of Bigg Boss fame has separated from her second husband Nikhil Patel. After coming to India, Daljit has made many serious allegations against Nikhil. She said that Nikhil is not ready to accept her marriage. He has severed all ties with Daljit. And now he is having an extra-marital affair with someone else. However, Nikhil has claimed that Daljit is making false allegations against him. And if they continue to spread false news about him like this then they will take legal action against them. Despite this threat from Nikhil, Daljit has once again targeted him.

Even though Nikhil breaks up with Daljit and moves on with his life, Daljit doesn’t want to let him go so easily. In fact, Nikhil shared a picture on his Instagram account. Nikhil has written SN’s name in this picture from the coffee date (according to Daljit, SN is the name of Nikhil’s alleged girlfriend). Unstoppable.” On one hand you are sending me notices, and on the other hand you are posting on social media what you are doing with him, Nikhil Patel, stop hitting me like this.

Daljit Kaur slams second husband Nikhil Patel for cheating on her painting place

Nikhil and Daljit’s fight starts on social media

Erased all the habits related to Daljit

Even after Daljit taunted him, Nikhil didn’t shut up. He shared such a post to hit out at his ex-wife. Daljit was very sad to see this. After actually shifting to Kenya Daljit The wall of Nikhil’s house was painted with his own hands. Now Nikhil has tried to erase every relation of Daljit from that house by applying white paint on Daljit’s painted wall. Saddened by Nikhil’s behavior, Daljit has asked a question to her ex-husband on social media. Daljit asks Nikhil that ‘You will break the wall, but how will you hide the truth? Truth is never weak.

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