Amul-Mother Dairy made milk more expensive, but you can still earn thousands of rupees like this

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The country’s main dairy companies have increased the price of milk. Dairy companies have increased prices by Rs 2 per litre. Both Amul and Mother Dairy have increased these rates. In such a situation, they are putting more burden on the pockets of the common man. Milk is a product that is consumed throughout the year. In such a situation, if you are worried about milk inflation, this news may be helpful to you. Yes, if you do milk business, you can earn a good amount from it. Let us tell you how…

If you do business in milk, franchising companies do not ask for a share of the profits. Not only this, the company offers its products on commission, which further increases your chances of making more profits.

This is how you get the Amul franchise

To take any Amul franchise, you need to have enough land or store. If this condition is not met then the company will not even give you the franchise. You can hire two types of franchises from the Amul company. Firstly, you can rent an outlet, hall or kiosk in Amul, for which you need to have a 150 square feet store. Similarly, for an ice cream shop you must have a 300 square foot store.

This is what security money looks like

To open a store in Amul, you will need to deposit a security of Rs 25,000. Please note that you will not get this money back. Apart from this, for the store to be eligible for franchise, Rs 1 lakh and Rs 75 thousand will have to be spent on freezers and other equipment. This way it will cost you around Rs 2 lakh. However, if you want to open an ice cream shop, the company will charge a guarantee of Rs 50,000, while around Rs 4 lakh will be needed to set up the shop. In addition, more equipment will also be needed. This will cost you around Rs 1.50 lakh and your total cost will be around Rs 6 lakh.

This is how you will earn money

According to the company’s website, Amul offers a good commission on MRP to its franchisees. 2.5 per cent commission on milk packets, which means if whole milk is currently priced at Rs 68 per litre, you will make a profit of Rs 1.70 per litre. It gives a 10 percent commission on dairy products and 20 percent on ice cream. Additionally, the company offers up to 50 percent commission on prescription ice creams, smoothies, and hot chocolate drinks. If your business starts like this, you can make a profit of Rs 1 to 1.5 lakh every month.


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