After the death of the actress, the doctor found a shocking thing in her stomach, the family did not take the body after the postmortem

The glamour of the glittering world, royal life, money, fame… many things attract common people. But often the face is different and many people do not know the truth. There are many such actresses of Bollywood who ruled the hearts of Bollywood and fans. Their fan base was also very large. But the end of the actress was very bad. The actresses were not even cremated by their family. One such actress is actress Parveen Babi…

parveen babi She entertained fans by playing important roles in many films. But it was not revealed that Parveen Bobby was suffering from a serious disease called diabetes and schizophrenia… Due to the disease, her boyfriend also left Parveen Bobby… It is also said… Mahesh Bhatt and Parveen were together then.

Meanwhile, Parveen Babi was shooting for a film in 1983. Then she disappeared from the set on 30 July 2024. Then Parveen Babi has been seen with people from the underworld. When Parveen Babi was finally seen at New York airport in 1984, she was taken into custody by the police and sent to a mental asylum. 6 years after that, i.e. in 1989, Parveen Babi came to Mumbai…

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After returning to Mumbai, Parveen Bobby lived alone in a house in Juhu. She used to contact people only through phone. Apart from this, Bollywood celebrities also thought it best to stay away from her. Finally, on January 20, the news of Parveen Bobby’s death came out. Parveen’s death was also shocking. Three days old milk and newspaper were lying outside her house. Neighbors noticed this. Apart from this, a foul smell was also coming from her house.

More than 72 hours have passed since Parveen Babi’s death. But her family members did not come. No one was with Parveen Babi even at the last moment…so the neighbors informed the police, the police came to the spot and broke the door. Parveen Babi’s dead body was lying in front.

After this, Parveen Babi’s body was sent for postmortem. Then a shocking thing happened in front of the doctor. There was not a single particle of food in her stomach. She had not eaten for three-four days. But the doctors found only alcohol in her stomach… According to reports, Parveen Babi died due to hunger, diabetes and organ failure.


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