Delhi: Fierce fire in Lajpat Nagar hospital, atmosphere of fear, 16 vehicles of fire brigade reached the spot.

Rescue operation is going on.

Big news has come out from Lajpat Nagar in capital Delhi. A massive fire broke out in an eye hospital here, following which chaos ensued. The fire department and the police were immediately informed about this. The fire department team has reached the spot and efforts are underway to control the fire.

The fierce fire broke out at I7 Chaudhary Eye Center in South Delhi’s Lajpat Nagar at 11.30 am. 16 fire tenders are present at the spot. The cause of the fire is yet to be ascertained. Crowds of people gathered at the scene following the fire. The police dispersed the crowd first. After that the rescue operation was started.

No casualties were reported

The fire department team is busy dousing the fire. There is currently no news of any casualties. Rescue operation is on. Police are investigating the cause of the fire. This hospital is near Vinoba Bhave Metro Station. The fire is so severe that only smoke is visible around the hospital. Police said that all efforts are being made to control the fire. Hope this will be controlled soon.

Fire at Children’s Hospital

A few days ago, in a similar incident, seven newborns died in a massive fire at a children’s hospital in Delhi. A total of 12 newborns were safely evacuated from the hospital. Otherwise he too could have died. However, after the incident came to light, it was revealed that the hospital had been mired in controversies even a few years back. Hospital owner Dr. Naveen Khichi was accused of harassing a newborn child during treatment. The hospital was also revealed to be registered.


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