After the rain in Delhi-NCR, fire will rain again from the sky? This will be the weather for the weekend

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The change in the weather in Delhi-NCR has brought great relief to the people. Rain and strong winds lashed many areas of Delhi-NCR suddenly on Wednesday evening. At many places, dust plumes also flew. Due to rain and wind, the temperature dropped. According to the Meteorological Department, Delhi-NCR will continue to have partly cloudy skies on Thursday too, with chances of dust storms or thunderstorms.

The Meteorological Department has predicted strong winds and light rain at some places. Temperatures will be 42 degrees during the day on Thursday and will drop to 30 degrees at night. The weather has turned pleasant in Delhi-NCR on Wednesday evening due to rain. People got a lot of relief due to the cold winds blowing on Thursday morning.

It may rain today

According to the Meteorological Department, the day temperature on Wednesday was 44 degrees which was 4 degrees above normal. At night too, the temperature was recorded at 31 degrees. The temperature will drop by 2 degrees on Thursday. Many parts of Delhi are likely to witness light drizzle during the day. There will be relief from strong winds, but the reduction in heat has not yet brought relief.

What will the weather be like in the next four days?

Light rains and gusty winds over parts of Delhi-NCR and UP reduced the effects of the heat wave on Wednesday and Thursday. The Meteorological Department has given information about the weather in the next four days. According to IMD, on Friday, June 7, Delhi-NCR will remain generally cloudy with light rain or drizzle. A similar situation will prevail in some districts of Uttar Pradesh adjacent to Delhi. The maximum temperature during the day will be 43 degrees. The temperature is expected to remain unchanged on Saturday as well. The extreme heat will return again from Sunday. On Sunday and Monday, the maximum temperature is likely to be 44 degrees and the minimum temperature is 31 degrees.


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