Yogi Sarkar in action, the most wanted criminal was killed in a police encounter just after the election

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Most wanted criminal Prashant Singh has been killed in an encounter with the police in Uttar Pradesh’s Jaunpur after the Lok Sabha election results. Late on Tuesday night, there was an encounter between police and notorious criminal Prashant Singh alias Prince. Prashant Singh opened fire on the police. After this the encounter started. More than 40 cases of murder and robbery have been registered against Prashant Singh. He was wanted for a long time. Police have also seized a weapon and a bike from the miscreants.

As soon as the process of Lok Sabha elections is over in UP, action has been started against the criminals who created obstacles in law and order. The Yogi government is taking strict action against the criminals.

On May 13, the murder took place in Shahganj

Ashutosh Srivastava was murdered on May 13 in Shahganj Police Station area. Prashant Singh alias Prince and his accomplices were accused of the murder. Prashant Singh had committed many murders and robberies earlier. The police had been looking for him for more than seven years. A reward of one lakh rupees was also placed on the prince. The police received a tip-off that Prince was present in the Khetsarai Police Station area of ​​Jaunpur.

Prashant was killed in the encounter

When the police reached there, there was an encounter with Prashant. As soon as Prashant saw the police, he started firing at them. The police also took retaliatory action. In this there was an encounter with Prashant. Prashant died on the spot due to bullet injury. Police have recovered two 9mm weapons from the bounty criminal who was killed in the encounter. A bike has also been recovered from him.


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