With two firebrand BJP leaders facing each other in UP, no major threat is likely

BJP leaders Sangeet Som and Sanjeev Balyan

The battle between the two BJP leaders in UP has become a sore spot for the party. Now the heat of this battle has reached the Allies. From Shikhandi to Jaichand, there is a campaign of humiliating each other. The tussle between the leaders is slowly leading to unification in the name of caste. If this happens, BJP may face Lanka in western UP. So far, the state and central leadership of the party has been a silent spectator in this whole matter.

This fight within the BJP started with the Lok Sabha election campaign. As soon as the BJP announced the ticket, signs of disunity began to appear. By the way, its foundation was laid in the UP elections two years ago. Then party leader Sangeet Som lost the election from Sarthana seat. Sangeet Som, who has a strong Hindutva image, was a BJP MLA, but was defeated by Samajwadi Party’s Atul Pradhan. BJP performed brilliantly in this election.

The spark of the fight started here

News came from the Sangeet Som camp that Sanjeev Balian has worked against him. It is said that he indirectly helped Atul Pradhan. These days Sanjeev Balyan was a minister in the Modi government. He is considered a big leader of Jat community in BJP. After the assembly elections, the matter settled down. But as soon as the Lok Sabha elections came, the spark of conflict started to rise again.

Sanjeev Balyan has again been made a candidate from the Muzaffarnagar Lok Sabha seat. He won two consecutive elections from here. Sarthana seat from which Sangeet Som was MLA falls in Muzaffarnagar Lok Sabha constituency. However, this is a part of Meerut district. Balyan is a Jat and Sangeet belongs to the Thakur community. Several Kshatriya Panchayats were held during the elections in Western UP. The displeasure of the Thakurs was a major issue. Leaders like Sangeet Som were also accused of fomenting the issue. Sanjeev Balian lost the election from Muzaffarnagar. Harendra Mallik of the Samajwadi Party who defeated him is also a Jat.

Balian blames music for the defeat

On the day after the Modi government was sworn in, Balyan blamed Sangeet for the defeat. He said that he lost the election because of people like Shikhandi. He accused Sangeet of helping the Samajwadi Party. Today it was the turn of Sangeet Soma. He held a press conference and responded to each of Balyan’s allegations. He said that he has lost his assembly seat.

Music responded with figures

Sangeet Som claims that Balia got good votes from Sardhana. He also said that an alliance with the RLD was of no use. RLD won both its seats and BJP lost several seats. Now RLD has also jumped into this fight. Party spokesperson Rohit Aggarwal says that BJP has suffered because of Jaichand like Sangeet Som.

Gender equations can be disturbed

Rashtriya Lok Dal is called Jat party. BJP leader Sanjeev Balyan also belongs to this community. The music belongs to the Som Thakur community. So could the feud between Balyan and Soma lead to caste conflict? This time in the election, BJP has suffered losses in Rajasthan, Haryana and UP because of these two.

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