Introducing Build 22635.3430, the Windows 11 Insider Preview for the Beta Channel.

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Microsoft is releasing a new Insider Preview copy of Windows 11 that includes several improvements, including better file-sharing capabilities and an expanded Copilot capability. An enlarged Copilot is the primary addition. The Copilot taskbar icon will now animate to demonstrate its capacity to function while copying both text and image files. (Windows 11 Build 22635.3430)

When the Copilot icon is hovered over, a menu of contextual actions displaying the tasks it may accomplish—like creating related photographs or examining visual content—will appear. Once an option is chosen, Copilot will launch with the selected task uploaded and prepared.

Microsoft is reinstating the option for Windows 11 users to share material directly from the native Windows sharing window to certain Microsoft Teams channels and group conversations, in addition to the Copilot. Originally included in an earlier build, this feature was momentarily deactivated to fix a few bugs.

Without navigating between apps, it enables users with a Microsoft Entra ID to rapidly share files, links, and other shareable material to their workplace collaboration hubs.

Issues that are known


We are looking into a potential bug that could prevent Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and Internet Information Services (IIS) from functioning after applying this update.


The following known issues may be experienced by Windows Insiders in the Beta Channel whose taskbars are left-aligned and have the Widgets entry-point in a new location:

It might not be possible to use swipe invocation for Widgets if the taskbar is oriented center rather than left.
In cases when the taskbar is oriented centerward as opposed to leftward, unpinning widgets from it might not be possible.

When Copilot is in side-by-side mode, the Widgets board is oriented wrong.

The taskbar may be refreshed by turning on or off widgets in the taskbar settings.In the upcoming weeks and months, Microsoft intends to progressively extend the distribution to a larger Beta Channel audience. The first users to access these will be those who have chosen to receive the most recent updates as soon as they become available.

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