Will ‘this’ young leader lead the Congress party?; Pace of events in the capital Delhi

The results of the Lok Sabha elections are coming. Various incidents are happening in this. A big news is coming from within the Congress party. Now a decision is being taken on who will lead the Congress party. Congress sources have informed that Rahul Gandhi has been called to lead the Congress party in the Lok Sabha. But it is reported that Rahul Gandhi will take the final decision in this regard. Soon a meeting of the newly elected Congress MPs will be called in Delhi. A new leader will be selected in this meeting. At present, Adhir Ranjan Chaudhary is on this post. Therefore, incidents have increased in the capital Delhi on the background of the Lok Sabha elections.

this year’s result

All voters can see the results of the Lok Sabha elections today. BJP had given the slogan of crossing 400. But at present NDA is leading on 293 seats while Bharat Aghadi is leading on 234 seats. Therefore, it is known that the activities of forming the government are also starting from the side of Bharat Aghadi. Sources have informed that Sharad Pawar called Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

Smriti Irani loses in Amethi

Last time Smriti Irani defeated Rahul Gandhi in Amethi, which is considered a stronghold of Congress. But this year Union Minister Smriti Irani has been defeated by Congress workers. Kishori Lal Sharma has won from Amethi. Kishori Lal Sharma has won by more than 1 lakh votes.

Since the Modi government was in power for two terms, it was seen that there was an anti-incumbency wave in this year’s elections. Apart from this, vigorous efforts were also made by the Congress and its allies. The two yatras launched by Rahul Gandhi, Bharat Jodo Yatra and Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra, received huge public support. Due to this, the Congress and Bharat alliance seems to be getting success. Now the internal turmoil in the Congress party has intensified.


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