Will Sonakshi Sinha marry boyfriend Zaheer Iqbal? Actress’s reaction on marriage

Like other Bollywood celebrities, actress Sonakshi Sinha is also going to start a new life. At present, only Sonakshi’s marriage is being discussed everywhere. There is an atmosphere of happiness in the actress’s house regarding the marriage. It is being told that Sonakshi Sinha will start a new life on June 23. Sonakshi and Iqbal have been dating each other for many years. Both were also spotted together at many places.

Amidst the wedding discussions, an old video of Sonakshi Sinha is going viral on social media. In the video, Sonakshi was seen reacting to things like wedding, roka, mehndi etc. Sonakshi had said, ‘Why did you go after my wedding with all your might?’ In the caption, the actress had said, ‘Proposal, roka, mehndi, sangeet everything is finalised… please tell me…’

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The old video of the actress has gone viral on social media. At present, everyone is discussing only Sonakshi’s marriage. Sonakshi is getting married on the 23rd. Sonakshi is going to marry her boyfriend Zaheer Iqbal. But both of them have not given any official statement on this.

When is Kapil getting married to the actress of ‘The Great Indian Kapil Show’? This was asked. To this the actress said, ‘Don’t rub salt on the wound…you know how eager I am to get married…’ At this time, discussions about Sonakshi’s marriage are in full swing. What will Sonakshi’s wedding card be like?

It is being said that Sonakshi’s wedding invitation card has been designed like a magazine cover. It was written on the pamphlets that ‘the rumours are true’. It is also being said that the wedding will be celebrated in Mumbai.


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