Will Modi and Shah release Fadnavis from the cabinet to prepare for the assembly elections?

Fadnavis has accepted responsibility for the defeat in Maharashtra and has also expressed his desire to resign from the post of Deputy Chief Minister. Fadnavis said that he will enter the assembly with strength by doing full-time organizational work for the party. So if Fadnavis resigns, will he become the state president? Such a discussion has started.

Taking responsibility for the defeat in the Lok Sabha elections in Maharashtra, Fadnavis has directly expressed his desire to resign from the post of Deputy Chief Minister. BJP’s number of MPs in Maharashtra decreased from 23 to 9. Accepting the same responsibility, Fadnavis took a personal decision to leave the cabinet for the assembly elections. Of course, the ball is currently in Modi Shah’s court.

BJP had announced 45 plus in Maharashtra. But the people of Maharashtra stopped the grand alliance at 17 only. Mahayuti got 17 seats and Mahavikas Aghadi got 30 seats. Sangli’s independent Vishal Patil is also from Congress, so he is also a part of Mahavikas Aghadi. That is, Mahavikas Aghadi won this contest by 17 votes against 31. In which BJP had to face a big defeat. In 2019, BJP had 23 MPs. Now BJP has come down to single digit i.e. 9 MPs. That is, there was a loss of 14 seats.

But now taking responsibility for the defeat, Fadnavis has expressed his desire to work for the party to the central leadership. But as soon as Fadnavis’ press conference took place, state president Bawankule also held a press conference. And saying that Fadnavis can work for the party even while being in the cabinet, there is no need for the Deputy Chief Minister to resign.

Here, Chief Minister Shinde also said that he will talk to Fadnavis and the responsibility for the results is collective. The coalition government came into existence after Shinde’s rebellion. At that time also, Fadnavis had announced Shinde’s name as the Chief Minister and said that he would stay out of the cabinet and work for the party. But on the request of the central leadership, Fadnavis became the Deputy Chief Minister. Now the Lok Sabha results have come and assembly elections are after 6 months. That is why Fadnavis is focusing on organizational work instead of being stuck in the government.

In view of the Lok Sabha results, has a decision been taken to change the party leadership for the Assembly? Does Fadnavis want to resign from the post of Deputy Chief Minister and become the state president? Will Fadnavis become the new state president by giving Bawankules a chance in the cabinet? Will Fadnavis lead the BJP by taking the responsibility of the state president?

There was a big upset in the Lok Sabha elections in Maharashtra. Congress became the largest party in Maharashtra. So will Modi and Shah release Fadnavis from the cabinet now to strengthen the organization and prepare for the assembly elections? This will be seen soon.


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