Will Amravati district remain closed? Thackeray faction aggressive after Modi’s swearing-in; what is the real reason?

BJP has torn the banners of Balwant Wankhede’s Lok Sabha victory in Amravati. Yesterday, during Modi’s swearing-in, BJP workers celebrated at Rajkamal Chowk in Amravati. This time BJP workers have torn the banners of Balwant Wankhede. Meanwhile, after tearing the banner, the Thackeray group became aggressive and reached the police and demanded the arrest of the accused. During this, he also warned that the accused should be arrested, otherwise they will close down Amravati district. Yashomati Thakur has reacted to this by tweeting. BJP workers celebrating Modi’s swearing-in ceremony tore the poster of newly elected MP Balwant Bhau Wankhede. A worker from the backward class has become an MP, this has made the entire ecosystem of BJP feel sick. This frenzy is not right, Maharashtra had to be shut down due to showing frenzy, if the people’s MPs will be treated like this just because they are from the backward class, then they will get a strong answer from the ballot box. The Home Minister should pay attention to the fact that there are constant attempts to spread unrest in Amravati. If you support those who disrupt law and order, we will protest on the streets!’, he also warned.


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