Whose government will be formed in the country while the stock market seems confused?

Many ups and downs are seen in the stock market on Wednesday.

The kind of drop seen in the stock market amid Tuesday’s election results. The picture seems to have changed a little on Wednesday. There are continuous fluctuations in Sensex and Nifty. In reality, the government of the country will be formed by the NDA or India. Confusion over this issue seems to be continually brewing in the stock market. When the market opened, a rise of more than 600 points was seen in just 5 minutes. The next moment, this market momentum evaporated and both indices reached the red mark. This happened twice in just 15 minutes of trading session.

At the time of writing the news, at 9.30 am, a rise of more than 500 points is observed in the Sensex. At the same time, an increase of 153 points is also seen in Nifty. If experts are to be believed, fluctuations in the stock market are likely to continue. These circumstances may continue for a few days after the new government is formed. Let’s see what kind of movement is being seen in the stock market.

sensory fluctuations

On Tuesday the stock market closed down about 6 percent. Now on Wednesday fluctuations are also observed in the stock market. According to the data, the stock market opened at 73,027.88 points with an increase of about 1,000 points. In the next few minutes, there was a drop in the market and the Sensex fell to a low of 71,893.21 points. Recovery has been seen in the market again. At 9.35 am, Sensex experiences an increase of 390.02 points and is trading at 72,467.77 points. A day earlier, the Sensex had fallen by over 4,300 points and closed at 72,079.05 points. While during the trading session Sensex saw a drop of more than 6300 points.

How is Nifty moving?

On the other hand, Nifty is seen doing a lot of zigzags. When the National Stock Exchange opened, the main index Nifty opened with a gain of 243.85 points. After which Nifty fell 92.55 points. Now that it has been 20-25 minutes since the market opened, a rise of more than 70 points is being seen in Nifty. While a day earlier, Nifty had seen a drop of over 1300 points. While this drop was observed for more than 1900 trading sessions. This means that a decline of around 9 percent was seen in Nifty. If experts are to be believed, there may be ups and downs in Nifty in the coming days as well.

What stocks fell?

According to BSE data, apart from Larsen & Toubro, NTPC stock is witnessing a huge decline for the second day in a row. Both stocks are trading down more than 4 percent. Shares of SBI and ICICI Bank are down 1-2 per cent. On the other hand, HUL stock is seeing a decline of over 6 per cent. At the same time, shares of Asian Paint, Nestle India, HCL Tech, Kotak Bank and ITC are seeing a rise of over 2 per cent. Shares of BPCL on the National Stock Exchange are witnessing a decline of more than 5 per cent. Exchange. Additionally, Power Grid shares have fallen 5 percent. A 4 per cent drop in shares of Adani Enterprises was also seen on Wednesday.

What do the experts say?

According to experts, there may be instability in the stock market until the formation of a new government and even after. According to experts, the stock market is attentive to the formation of the government. The most important question is also etched on the Prime Minister’s face. So stock investors seem to be in a state of confusion. As market experts believe, with a strong government the market also seems stable. As has been seen in the last ten years. This time a Khichdi government is being formed. In such a situation, many types of doubts are seen in the minds of investors.


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