Who is SP’s Ziaur Rahman Burke, who won from Sambhal Lok Sabha seat? Know your MP

Ziaur Rahman Burke

India Alliance’s Samajwadi Party candidate Ziaur Rahman Burke has won from Sambhal. Burke defeated BJP candidate Parameshwar Lal Saini by 1,21,494 votes. Ziaur Rahman Burke got 5,71,161 votes. He contested the Lok Sabha elections for the first time and was also elected as an MP. Burke became a member of the Lok Sabha of the 18th Lok Sabha after serving as a youth parliamentarian.

Ziaur Rahman Burke is 36 years old. He is former Sambhal MP Dr. Shafiqar Rahman is Burke’s grandson. He has completed his education up to graduation. He has a total wealth of Rs 1 crore. The number of criminal cases against him is 6. Parameshwar Lal Saini also in 2019 Ziaur Rahman Burke’s grandfather Dr. Shafikarman lost the election against Burke. This time BJP made a bet again but Parameshwar Lal Saini did not get success this time either.

Political journey of Ziaur Rahman

Ziaur Rehman entered politics at the age of 26. Became an MLA in 2017. After his grandfather and former SP MP Shafiqur Rehman Burke died due to illness, Ziaur Rehman Burke announced to carry forward his grandfather’s legacy. Now he himself has been elected as an MP for the first time. The Muslim population played the most important role in Burke’s victory. Burke won the Lok Sabha elections with 50 percent Muslim population.

Campaigned for his grandfather

Samajwadi Party candidate from Sambhal in 2019 Lok Sabha elections and Ziaur Rehman’s grandfather Dr. Shafiqar Rahman became Burke MP. He also campaigned for his grandfather. The sympathy factor also worked very well for Burke due to the death of his grandfather Shafiqar Rahman. Due to which the BJP candidate has been defeated by a huge margin. When Burke first went public to campaign after his grandfather’s death, he carried his grandfather Dr. He began his speech by reciting Burke’s songs. The skills Ziaur Rahman learned from his grandfather also contributed to his success. People believed in him and he won with a record vote.


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