Who is BJP’s Mannalal Rawat who won from Udaipur Lok Sabha seat, know your MP.

Mannalal Rawat secured a total of 738286 votes. Tarachand of Congress has got 476678 votes in second place. Thus Mannalal Rawat won the hearts of the people of Udaipur despite being an unknown face in politics. BJP fielded Mannalal Rawat as a new face from Udaipur seat.

Although the people of Udaipur, the city of lakes, support a new face every time in the elections, the BJP has continued to dominate the seat for the last two times. Before Mannalal Rawat, Mannalal Rawat won in 2014 and 2019. Like the Assembly elections, the BJP gambled on a new face in the Lok Sabha elections and got success in this seat.

Stay connected with government services

Mannalav Rawat has served as retired Additional Transport Commissioner in Govt. 52-year-old Mannalal Rawat is a leader with a clean image. He has zero criminal record. Mannalal Rawat passed 12th Ajmer Board Examination in 1991 from Government Senior Higher Secondary School. He received his MA in Public Administration from Mohanlal Sukhdia University, Udaipur in 1996. Also did PhD from Mohanlal Sukhdia University, Udaipur in 2014.

He has a doctorate degree, married to Mannalal Rawat, his wife’s name is Rajni Rawat. He is survived by a son Suyash Katara and a daughter Vedavati Katara. Mannalal Rawat’s wife works in agriculture sector. Mannalal’s father’s name is Gautam Lal. While working in government service, he was not seen as active in public, but he had a lot of influence in tribal society. He has a very positive image among the tribal community. On the Udaipur seat, the Bharatiya Janata Party realized this conspiracy and took this seat to its account.

How much property in total?

Mannalal Rawat’s net worth is 2 crore rupees. There is a cash amount of more than 2 lakhs. He has a total cultivable land of more than 18 lakh rupees. He owns a house worth Rs 60 lakh in Udaipur. Mannalal has a loan of more than 2 lakh rupees in Rajasthan Mardhura Gramin Bank. His wife has a total of 400 grams of gold and one-and-a-half kg of silver in his name in jewellery, worth around Rs 37 lakh, while Mannalal Rawat has 20 grams of gold, worth Rs. 1 lakh.


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