White flag in hand, Collector’s office burnt… Why satnami community’s anger in Baloda Bazaar?

Satnami Samaj set fire to the collector’s office of Baloda Bazar.

A protest by the Satnami community that started on Monday morning in Chhattisgarh’s Baloda Bazar district turned violent by evening. Despite thousands of forces and barricades, the Satnami Samaj broke into the collector’s office and created a ruckus. Vehicles of collectors and other officials were burnt, buildings were set on fire. A video of it has also surfaced, in which the collector’s office is seen burning. There have also been violent clashes with the police, in which many people have been injured. Let us know how the peaceful protest of Satnami community turned so violent?

The case is from the night of last May 15-16. The temple of Baba Guru Ghasidas, the founder of the Satnami community, is at Giraudpuri in Baloda Bazar. Here, anti-social elements created a ruckus at night in the Mahkoni temple premises located in Amar Gufa, the center of faith of the Satnami community. Also the holy Jetkham was attacked with a sharp weapon. The next day, the people of Satnami society filed a complaint in the police station about this. After the complaint, the police registered an FIR against the anti-social elements and arrested three people in this case.

Home Minister Vijay Sharma ordered an inquiry

However, the people of the society were not happy with this action of the police. They were demanding a CBI probe. Seeing the seriousness of the matter, State Home Minister Vijay Sharma ordered an investigation. It was also stated that incidents disturbing social harmony will not be entertained anywhere in the state. Strict action will be taken against the perpetrators of such acts. While tweeting with his ‘X’ handle, he wrote, “An attempt was made to harm the revered Jaitkham in the holy immortal cave between May 15-16. As per instructions of CM Vishnudev Sai, the incident which disturbed social harmony will be investigated judicially.”

A memorandum was submitted to the Collector-SP on 18th

Despite the Home Minister’s assurance, the Satnami Samaj was demanding the identification and arrest of the other accused in the case. On May 18, the people of Satnami Samaj met with the SP and the Collector and gave a memorandum. During the meeting with the Collector, the people of the community said that the Satnami community is saddened by the loss of the faith center. Attempts have been made to defame the society by anti-social elements. A CBI investigation into this matter should be done soon.

The people of the Satnami community were adamant in their demand for a CBI probe.

When the people of Satnami Samaj, who were waiting for the CBI probe, saw that there was no assurance from the administration and no recommendation for the probe, they announced to lay siege to the collector’s office on Monday i.e. 10th June. The police and the administration also became alert after seeing the society’s demonstration. Thousands of police forces were hastily deployed. Barricades were put up around the collector’s office to prevent people from the Satnami community from entering, but all preparations by the police and the administration went in vain.

Collector’s office was set on fire

The anger of the people of Satnami community, who were protesting with white flags in their hands, broke out in the evening. First he had a violent clash with the police. Then they broke the barricades and entered the collector’s office. The situation went completely out of control. The youth of the society set fire to the vehicles of the Collector, SP and other officials. Vehicles started burning. After which all the collectors entered the office and started the fire. Meanwhile there were also employees. He somehow ran out to save his life. At present, efforts are being made to control the situation. Fire brigade vehicles are extinguishing the fire in the collector’s office.

SP Sadanand gave information about the incident

On the fire incident, SP Sadanand said that an agitation was called by the Satnami community and called for a peaceful demonstration, but all their people got angry and pelted stones on the police and broke the barricade and entered the collection premises and pelted stones. Vehicles were also set on fire. These people felt that their society was being oppressed. So all these people gathered. An inquiry into the matter was ordered by the Chief Minister, yet these people have committed such acts.


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