What is PM Narendra Modi’s salary? Which country’s head of state gets the highest salary?

Narendra Modi Salary: After the Lok Sabha elections in India, the government has been formed. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has become the Prime Minister for the third consecutive time. This time, 73-year-old Narendra Modi is focused on making the country a 5 trillion economy as soon as possible. A grand swearing-in ceremony of the Modi government was organized in the courtyard of Rashtrapati Bhavan. But do you know how much salary he gets after becoming the Prime Minister? Apart from salary, the Prime Minister also gets other allowances. Let us know how much salary the Prime Minister of India gets in comparison to the world leaders.

What is the salary of Prime Minister Modi?

As Prime Minister, Narendra Modi holds the most important position in the country. The Prime Minister is responsible for running the country’s affairs. For such a responsible job, the Prime Minister gets a salary of Rs 1.66 lakh per month. That is, about Rs 20 lakh every year.

This salary includes a basic pay of Rs 50,000, expense allowance of Rs 3,000, parliamentary allowance of Rs 45,000 and daily allowance of Rs 2,000.

In his election affidavit this year, Modi declared personal assets worth Rs 3.02 crore, with no investments in bonds, debentures, shares or mutual funds. According to his affidavit, he has income from two sources – salary from the Prime Minister’s Office and interest on it.

What is the salary of the President of India?

The President of India gets a salary of Rs 5 lakh per month. Earlier, till 2018, the President used to get a salary of Rs 1.5 lakh. At the same time, the Vice President of India used to get Rs 1.25 lakh. The Vice President now gets a salary of Rs 4 lakh per month. According to a report, MPs get a basic salary of Rs 1 lakh. The last time MPs got a salary hike was in 2018, when their salaries were increased.

What facilities does the Prime Minister get?

As the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi also gets this Shivas Government House. For which no rent is charged. This government residence is at 7 Lok Kalyan Marg. Apart from this, the Prime Minister is provided security by the Special Protection Group (SPG). Apart from this, a special aircraft Air India One is also available for official tours. The Prime Minister travels only in Mercedes-Benz S650 Guard. This is a completely bullet-proof car. Even if the Prime Minister’s car is attacked with an AK-47 rifle, the car does not suffer any damage.

After the Prime Minister retires, he is given free accommodation, electricity, water and even SPG security for a period of five years.

How much salary do heads of state of other countries get?

According to the report, the salary of the Prime Minister of Singapore is the highest among the world leaders. Singapore Prime Minister Lawrence Wong gets an annual salary of $2.2 million (Rs 18.37 crore).

Hong Kong Mayor John Lee Ka-chiu is the second-highest paid politician in the world. According to the South China Morning Post, he is paid around $672,000 (Rs 5.61 crore) per year.

The Prime Minister of Switzerland ranks third and is paid $495,000 (Rs 4.13 crore) annually.

US President Joe Biden earns $400,000 (Rs 3.34 crore) annually. Apart from this, other allowances include an additional allowance of $50,000, which also includes the most luxurious facilities like the White House and Air Force One.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese earns around $550,000 a year.

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, whose personal wealth makes him the richest ever Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, earns an annual salary of $2,12,000 (Rs 1.77 crore). He lives in the Prime Minister’s residence at 10 Downing Street in London.


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