What has happened to the market? First he earned Rs 26 lakh crore, now he lost Rs 5 lakh crore in 4 days

The stock market closed lower on Wednesday for the fourth consecutive day. If we talk about Wednesday alone, the Sensex has suffered a drop of more than 650 points. While Nifty has fallen 180 points. The special thing is that two days ago the Sensex had broken a historical record and had exceeded 76,000 points for the first time. Since then, the Sensex has fallen by more than 1,500 points. On the other hand, since voting began from April 19 to May 27, stock market investors made a profit of Rs 26 lakh crore.

If we talk about the last four trading days, investors have lost more than Rs 5 lakh crore. According to experts, the stock market is falling due to the decline in foreign markets, geopolitical tensions and uncertainty over the election results. Let us also try to explain to you in the language of market data how investors have suffered losses.

Big drop in Sensex

There was a big drop in the main Sensex index of the Bombay Stock Exchange on Wednesday. According to the data, Sensex saw a drop of 667.55 points on Wednesday and closed at 74,502.90 points. While today Sensex opened with 74,826.94 points. During the trading session, the Sensex had reached 74,454.55 points. However, due to the market falling for 4 consecutive days, Sensex has seen a drop of 915.14 points. On May 23, the Sensex closed at 75,418.04 points. Since then, Sensex has seen a decline of 1.21 per cent.

Nifty also crashed

On Wednesday, the National Stock Exchange's main index Nifty also plunged. Nifty fell 183.45 points and closed at 22,704.70 points on Wednesday. However, in the morning Nifty opened at 22,762.75 points and during the trading session it reached its lowest level of 22,685.45 points. However, on May 27, Nifty had hit a record high of 23,110.80 points. Since then it has experienced a decline of more than 406.1 points. If we talk about four trading sessions, Nifty has seen a drop of 262.95 points. On May 23, Nifty closed at 22,967.65 points. Since then, Nifty has fallen 1.14 per cent.

big loss for investors

If we talk only about Wednesday, stock market investors have not suffered fewer losses. According to BSE data, BSE market capitalization has decreased by Rs 1,83,373.84 crore compared to Tuesday and is down to Rs 4,15,08,875.85 crore. The market capitalization of BSE on Tuesday was Rs 4,16,92,249.69 crore. At the same time, the market capitalization of BSE has fallen by Rs 5,13,760.05 crore in four days. While on May 23, the market capitalization of BSE stood at Rs 4,20,22,635.90 crore. The special thing is that from the first phase of voting from April 19 to May 27, 2024, investors made a profit of Rs 26 lakh crore.

What stocks fell?

HDFC Life shares were considered the top losers on Wednesday on the National Stock Exchange. In which a drop of 2.90 percent was seen. SBI Life shares fell 2.53 per cent. Shares of Tech Mahindra, Tata Consumer and Bajaj Finserv have seen a decline of over 2 per cent. On the other hand, if we talk about profitable stocks, Hindalco shares closed up 3.52 percent. An increase of 1.72 percent was observed in Divis Lab. Power Grid shares closed up 1.29 percent. At the same time, an increase of around one per cent was seen in the shares of Bajaj Bajaj Auto and Cipla.


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