What anger is this! The mother picked up the two children and threw them into the tank, saving their lives due to low water

Mother’s lap is considered the safest and most secure place in the world for babies. But in Rajasthan’s Phalodi district, a mother killed her own children. The mother threw her two innocent children into the water tank near the house. Mother was angry about something. In a moment of heat, the mother beat Mamata and threw her two children into the water.

This case is from Bhatia village in Phalodi district of Rajasthan. The mother got angry over something and in anger threw her own two children into the water tank. Fortunately both the children were saved from drowning as the water level was low. When the people around came to know about this, they reached the tank and took out both the children. By the time the children were pulled out, they were unconscious. Neighbors rushed both the children to the nearest government hospital.

Due to the readiness of the doctors, the life was saved

When the doctors of the hospital got information about this, they immediately started treating the children. The children’s lives were saved by receiving immediate treatment. According to information received, both the children are said to be out of danger now. Children are given oxygen. However, the children are currently under the supervision of doctors and will be discharged from the hospital only after they are fully recovered.

Mother was mentally ill

(Reporting by Sumit Deora/Phalodi)

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