We don’t need Hulk and Iron Man… Anurag Kashyap called these 2 actors as superheroes of India.

What did Anurag Kashyap say about superstars? Image Credit Source: Social Media

Anurag Kashyap is one of the famous filmmakers of Bollywood. He is known for making movies outside the league. The trend of deifying heroes has often been seen in the industry. Anurag has openly talked about this in an interview. According to him, Hollywood is proud of superheroes like Iron Man and Hulk but Hindi cinema has mega stars like Salman and Shah Rukh. According to him we need heroes, that’s why larger than life heroes are shown in Hindi films. Along with this he also said that India is a country where superheroes never cover their faces with masks because it is important that their faces are visible.

Anurag said, “They (Hollywood) have superheroes like Iron Man. We have Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan. We don’t need Iron Man and Hulk. We have Sunny Deol, what is the Hulk against him? It is within all of us that we need a hero to make us feel better.

What did Anurag say when the big budget film flopped?

In the same interview, Anurag also talked about the flops of big budget films. According to him, money is not spent only on films. Referring to the demand of stars, he said that if they are shooting in the jungle, a vehicle is sent 3 hours away so that they can get a 5 star burger. In an old interview, Anurag talked about not working with big stars of the industry like Shahrukh-Salman. According to him, at that time many people advised him to work with big stars. They believed that if they were doing so well without a big star, they could make good films with big stars.


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