Video: Husband having dinner with girlfriend in restaurant, then wife comes and threatens him, high voltage drama ensues

Video viral on social media.

A high voltage drama was witnessed between a husband and wife late at night in Uttar Pradesh’s Lucknow. The husband came to eat at the restaurant with his girlfriend. Then his wife also came to the restaurant and threatened him. His wife’s brother was also with him. They threw the husband and his girlfriend out of the restaurant. Then both of them were publicly beaten up on the road. This high voltage drama continued for hours. Then someone informed the police.

Police reached the spot. The uproar subsided. An FIR has been filed by both the parties. The incident took place in a restaurant on Faizabad Road located in BDD Police Station area. A resident of Barabanki came here late at night to have dinner with his girlfriend. Don’t know what’s going to happen next. After a while, this dinner date became too much for her. Suddenly the man’s wife came there with her brother and threatened him.

The husband was shocked to see his wife and son-in-law there. Before saying anything. The wife and brother-in-law were dragged out of the restaurant. There, the husband was severely beaten. Then the lover of the husband was also beaten up. The wife pushed her husband’s girlfriend and threw her on the road. Then pulled her hair and led her forward. As soon as the husband’s girlfriend stood up to control herself, the wife started hitting her more. Meanwhile, other members of the wife’s family also reached there. Together they also took a good husband and his girlfriend class.

Police registered a case

Meanwhile, a crowd gathered there. Some people started trying to break up the fight while others started making videos of it. The high voltage drama continued like this for a long time. After this someone informed the police. The drama continued like this till the police reached there. The police reached the spot and after much persuasion pacified the matter. After this, both the parties (wife and husband’s girlfriend) registered a case at the police station. Police have started investigation in this matter. On the other hand, this video of beating has gone viral on social media.


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