Video: Came in an SUV, stole 16 goats… The condition of the farmer is bad, crying

The thief took the goats

Thieves crossed the limit in Uttar Pradesh’s Ghatampur. Goats stolen from farmer’s dairy farm. The farmer says that 16 goats and their 5 kids are missing from the dairy. The farmer is very saddened by this incident of theft. The aggrieved owner has lodged a police report against the goat thieves at the Ghatampur police station. This incident of theft has been recorded in the CCTV camera installed in the dairy.

The entire action of the thieves can be clearly seen in the CCTV footage. Thieves regularly drive to the dairy in an SUV and drive away after loading the goats tied up in the dairy into their vehicle one by one. The owner of the dairy said that thieves have cheated him of Rs 2.5 lakh. A police official said that the thieves are being identified on the basis of CCTV footage. The footage is pretty blurry. The video has been sent to an expert.

Police are scanning the CCTV footage

Regarding the incident, the aggrieved owner says that the dairy farm was his main source of livelihood. When the police asked him if he had enmity with anyone. In this regard, the owner of the dairy said that he has not had any dispute with anyone in recent times. The police suspect that someone they know may have committed the crime. Apart from this, the third person was giving information about every activity of the dairy farm to the thieves.

The police have also collected information from the surrounding people about the incident. Neighbors have also told the police that they did not know when the thieves came and went. The police have also checked the footage of other CCTV cameras installed in the area. A police official said that all the thieves who committed the crime will be nabbed by the police soon.


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