Uttarakhand: Woman’s severed arms and legs found in coach, train stopped in Rishikesh; There was commotion at the station

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The Ujjain Express arriving at Rishikesh in Uttarakhand caused a commotion when railway officials received information about the severed hands and feet of a woman in the coach of the train. Railway officials immediately reached the coach of the train and took possession of the severed arm and leg in a plastic bag.

A railway official said that while washing the bogies on the washing line, the railway staff found a plastic bag in a bin near the toilet. The woman’s two severed hands and two legs were packed in a sack.

Brutal murder of a woman

A railway official said the killer cut the woman’s body into pieces and kept her in the coach with the intention of concealing her identity. This train started from Indore and reached the yoga city of Rishikesh.

Ujjain Express left Indore at around 6.30 pm on Monday and reached Rishikesh railway station. The train yard washing line stood at No. 9 for washing. The employees were washing the bogies. A suspicious plastic bag was then found near the toilet between coaches S-1 and S-2, emitting a terrible stench.

The severed hands and feet were kept in plastic bags

The scavengers reported this to GRP and RPF. As soon as the information was received, RPF sub-inspector Gayatri Devi and GRP sub-inspector Anand Giri reached the spot and immediately opened the bag. Two severed hands and feet were kept in a bag.

Railway officials say that this train reached Rishikesh from Indore. Meanwhile, the CCTV camera footage installed on the platforms of the stations that were halted will be scrutinised. Besides, communication will also be done with the officials of the stations. The severed parts of the woman’s body have been sent for examination. This mystery will be solved soon.

Reported by Salman Malik, Rishikesh


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