UP: Wound marks on the body, blood stains on the clothes… The body of a child found hanging from a tree in the forest.

A sensational incident has come to light in Madhya Pradesh’s Jabalpur. The body of a 12-year-old child was found hanging from a tree near Dabhola in Chargawan police station area here. Injury marks were found on the girl’s body. Blood stains were also found on the clothes. As soon as the information was received, the police reached the spot and took possession of the body and sent it for postmortem.

The dead child’s name is Shivam Thakur. He is a resident of Charagawan, Dabhola. The police have spoken to the villagers. The villagers told the police that Shivam’s mother had already died. Shivam’s father Sher Singh remarried and lives in Bhopal with his second wife. Shivam has two more siblings. Shivam lived with his grandparents.

A dead body was found hanging from a tree

Pradeep Patel, investigating officer of Chargawan police station, says that a youth of the village had gone to the forest to graze cattle. Then he saw someone hanging from a tree. The youth immediately informed his family. The family informed the police. The official said that the rope with which Shivam hanged himself was used to tie the cattle of the house.

The condition of the family members is bad.

Regarding the blood stains and injury marks on the clothes, the police said that due to excessive heat, blisters had formed on the body, due to which these marks appeared. The police are investigating the case from both angles of murder and suicide. Police sent the body for postmortem. The exact cause of death will be known after the postmortem report. There is silence in the village after this incident. Grandparents are in bad condition due to crying. The family has also informed the child’s father. He is coming to the village from Bhopal.


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