UP: 139 Videos, 2 Million Subscribers… The Story of 4 Boys from Round 2 World Who Lost Their Lives in an Accident

All the four actors used to make comedy videos for ‘Round to World’ channel on YouTube.

Three boys from Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh have created a YouTube channel called ‘Round 2 Hell’. This channel has reached great heights in a short time by making comedy videos. On the same lines, four boys from Alipur, a small village in Amroha district, created their own channel on YouTube, which they named ‘Round 2 World’. Four boys from this channel, whose performances will make every withered face smile. He had different names in each character but in real life he was called Lucky Chaudhary, Salman, Shahrukh and Shahnawaz. The actor who tickled everyone with his dialogues and acting is quiet today. These four boys who made others laugh brought tears to millions of eyes.

Four YouTube artists were killed in a road accident in Gajraula, Amroha. His car first collided with a Bolero on a bridge in the Manota Choki area of ​​Kotwali Hasanpur and was then crushed by another vehicle coming from behind. Lucky Chaudhary, Salman, Shahrukh and Shahnawaz died tragically on the spot. His two companions Zaid and Dilshad were injured in the accident.

Used to make videos in the local Khadi dialect

All four actors were better comedians. He used to make videos in his local Khari dialect. Although profanity was used in each of his videos, his videos were highly liked by users. It was very famous among its users. Such was his popularity that he had over 2 million subscribers on his channel ‘Round to World’. The channel has more than 24 crore 26 lakh views.

First video created on 30 July 2017

The cast of ‘Round 2 World’ launched the channel on 29 June 2017. The first video was uploaded on 30 July 2017 titled ‘Selfie of Rich and Poor’. Initially he did not get success, but gradually people started liking his videos. When the videos started going viral, so did their content and quality.

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64 videos have crossed a million views

Lucky Chaudhary, Salman, Shah Rukh and Shahnawaz became famous faces in ‘Round to World’. More than 20 lakh users are connected to his channel. 139 videos have been uploaded on the channel, with many episodes that make people laugh. Of these, 64 videos have received a million views. There are 3 videos that have over 10 million views. The ‘Bhoot Ka Badla’ video uploaded 5 months ago got 12 million views, the 6-year-old ‘2018 VS 2050 Bhikhari’ and the 10-month-old ‘Family Dispose-2’ video got 10 million views. The last video on the channel was uploaded on 18 April 2024 with the title ‘Welcome to Pakistan’, which has received over 3 million views.

Used to make videos like this

The cast of ‘Round 2 World’, the accident victim, mostly made comedy videos based on imitations of Hindi, English films and web series. He produced comedy serials like Sholay, Laila Majnoo, Don, Karan, Arjun, Joker, Dhamaal Again, Mirzapur, The Empire. His videos like Chhota Don, Laila Majnu, Scam in Bank, School Ki Wapsi, The Empire, KGF, Black Money, Firangi, Joker, Game of Politics, Welcome to Pakistan have gone viral. The death of four comedians Lucky Chaudhary, Salman, Shah Rukh and Shahnawaz has left the atmosphere of their village Alipur in a state of sadness. The family members are in shock. Each eye has a name. From the village to the social media, his fans are disappointed.


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