Tv9 Marathi Special Report: Who are Dada’s MLAs who gave the information? Ajit Pawar spoke clearly

After the split of NCP, two anniversary programs were organized by Ajit Pawar’s NCP and Sharad Pawar’s NCP. Ajit Pawar’s party NCP celebrated its anniversary in Mumbai. Sharad Pawar’s party NCP celebrated in Ahmednagar. Here in the anniversary program organized at Shanmukhanand in Mumbai, Ajit Pawar expressed his gratitude to Sharad Pawar.

Ajit Pawar expressed doubt on an MLA of his own party. Any MLA leaks inside information. Dada also said sarcastically that the trick is working. The special thing is that Ajit Pawar has made another big claim. At present, NDA has 293 MPs. But after the Parliament session, the number of NDA will cross 300, said Dada. Therefore, discussions have started as to who will break the alliance now.

watch the video:-

Dada has once again talked about the ministerial post at the center. Shinde’s Shiv Sena got 1 Minister of State with independent charge. Similarly, we also got the post of Minister of State. But Ajit Pawar said that he did not get a cabinet post, so he refused. So a setback in the Lok Sabha elections! Bhujbal said that Maratha reservation or Maratha movement is not responsible for this. In fact, even a day before, Ajit Pawar had said that Ajit Pawar had attacked Maratha reservation. But there was no issue of Maratha reservation in Vidarbha, so Bhujbal says that the same result came out there too.


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