This work has to be done to know the release date of ‘Kota Factory 3’, TVF people adopted the formula of ‘Panchayat’

Recently ‘Panchayat 3’ has been released on OTT platform Prime Video. Actor Jitendra Kumar will once again be seen in the role of a secretary in this web series. His fans are liking this role a lot. However, apart from the secretary, he has another character, which is very popular. He is the character Jeetu Bhaiya in ‘Kota Factory’. The series has had two seasons so far and people are waiting for its third season, which is going to end soon.

Netflix has shared a video of Jeetu Bhaiya, in which he is seen talking about the release date of ‘Kota Factory 3’. In the video, Jeetu Bhaiya is seen writing a math question on the white board. He then asks someone if the comment is coming. He then read some of the comments. Like- ‘When is Kota Factory season 3 coming?’, ‘When is Jeetu Bhaiya coming?’

To increase people’s curiosity about this series which depicts the story of students preparing for IIT and NEET in Kota, the makers have come up with this amazing math trick. Earlier a similar trick was used to announce the release date of ‘Panchayat 3’. At that time a website was launched and people were asked to swipe the circle like a game. Both ‘Panchayat’ and ‘Kota Factory’ are TVF series.


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