There is a lot of activity behind the scenes, all the Shiv Sena MLAs and MPs are at Shinde’s ‘Varsha’ bungalow, what is happening?

There is a stir at Shinde’s ‘Varsha’ bungalow

There is a sudden commotion at Chief Minister Eknath Shinde’s official residence ‘Varsha’ today. Almost all Shiv Sena MLAs and MPs celebrated Eknath Shinde’s birthday at his bungalow today. The reason behind this is exactly the same. Eknath Shinde called a meeting of all MLAs and MPs and candidates who lost in the Lok Sabha today. Important decisions were taken in this meeting. According to sources, the MLAs discussed fund allocation with Chief Minister Eknath Shinde. In this meeting, Chief Minister Eknath Shinde told the MLAs that he himself will talk to Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar regarding fund distribution. The election results were reviewed in this meeting. The candidates for the Lok Sabha elections were not announced till late night. This was discussed. In this meeting, Eknath Shinde assured the MLAs that he will soon announce the candidates for the assembly elections.

Sources said that in this meeting, the MLAs demanded early cabinet expansion from the Chief Minister. Interestingly, sources are also saying that in this meeting, information was also given to those MLAs who did not get how many votes in the assembly constituencies in the Lok Sabha elections.

Dilip Mama Lande told the inside news

After the meeting, Shiv Sena MLA Dilip Mama Lande gave his reaction to the media. He said, “We have come to congratulate Shiv Sena for its success in Lok Sabha and increase in its voting percentage. We have come to decide the strategy for the assembly elections. People of all communities will work together in this, all such questions were raised before the Chief Minister. A scenario was created of how the votes of the voters will increase. Dilip Mama Lande said that the success of Lok Sabha should be kept in the heart and not in the mind and the questions of the society in the background of the assembly elections should be given priority to the Chief Minister.

The Chief Minister held a separate meeting with the candidates who lost in the Lok Sabha elections

A separate meeting was also held for the defeated candidates of Shiv Sena. Shiv Sena candidates Yamini Jadhav, Rahul Shewale, Hemant Godse, Sadashiv Lokhande, Sanjay Mandlik, Baburao Kadam Kohlikar, Hemant Patil (husband of Rajshree Patil), Raju Parve (absent with prior permission due to the death of a relative) were ordered to attend the meeting. Accordingly, everyone was present except one or two people. The Chief Minister discussed with all of them and learned the reasons for the defeat.

Names of MLAs present in the meeting

  • 1) Shambhuraje Desai 2) Sanjay Rathore 3) Mahendra Dalvi 4) Ashish Jaiswal 5) Kishorappa Patil 6) Uday Samant 7) Yogesh Kadam 8) Yamini Jadhav 9) Gulabrao Patil 10) Balaji Kalyankar 11) Dadaji Bhuse 12) Lata Sonawane 13) Suhas Kande 14) Shantaram More 15) Gyanraj Chougule 16) Pradeep Jaiswal 17) Pratap Sarnaik 18) Prof. Ramesh Bornare 19) Abdul Sattar 20) Srinivas Wanaga 21) Kishore Jorgewar 22) Bharatsheth Gogavale 23) Prakash Surve 24) Mangesh Kudalkar 25) Mahendra Thorve 26) Mahesh Shinde 27) Dr. Balaji Kinikar 28) Narendra Bhondekar 29) Vishwanath Bhoir 30) Manjula Gavit 31) Tanaji Sawant 32) Sanjay Shirsat 33) Sanjay Raimulkar 34) Prakash Abitkar 35) Chandrakant Patil 36) Deepak Kesarkar 37) Dilipmama Lande 38) Smt. 39) Geeta Jain

Legislative Assembly

  1. 1) Prof. Manisha Kayande
  2. 2) Dr. Neelam Gore

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