The tiger is still alive… Nathabhai’s announcement sparked a huge debate among the country’s politicians.

Senior leader Eknath Khads is said to have lost influence after leaving the BJP to join the Nationalist Congress Party. The equations have changed only after the victory of Ata Raksha Khadse and an advertisement on Ata Eknath Khadse in Jalgaon current newspaper has caught everyone’s attention. An advertisement by Eknath Khads hoping that the tiger is still alive has become popular in today’s newspaper and has sparked debate in political circles. The ad has been publicized by supporters of the Khadse Mitra family and is said to be an attempt to woo BJP minister Girish Mahajan. This could once again lead to a war of words between Khadse and Girish Mahajan.

What is advertising?

Jalgaon current newspaper Eknath Khadse has published an advertisement from friends and family supporters. A dialogue like ‘Tiger is still alive’ is evident, which many people are very happy to see. Not only this, but ‘Don’t think I’m helpless because of emotions, don’t think I’m too far from Gulshan, I can change history today, don’t think me too weak’ or similar things are mentioned in the ad. . The charisma and power of Eka Arthi Eknath Khadse is still unmistakable as shown in the advertisement. The advertisements released after Raksha Khadse’s victory have sparked a lot of discussion in government circles. As Raksha Khadse’s victory over Eknath Khadse is as big as Eknath Khadse’s victory, there is a debate whether Eknath Khadse still has any influence through advertisements.

Questions like Khadse kayo paksha hai only appear after the announcements of the nationalist Sharad Pawar faction of the BJP. Or through advertisements, questions are raised as to who is the opponent of Mahayuti’s Mahavikas Aghadi. But Girish Mahajan is being talked about as an unexpected advertiser. For the past few days there was talk among the opposition that Eknath Khadse’s influence was waning. Khadse’s supporters are said to be trying to respond to the opposition through a statement.


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