The stock market is in a depression due to the election results, don’t be disappointed, investing in these stocks can make you money.

What to do now in case of a market crash

On the day of the election results, chaos reigns in the market. BSE Sensex is down over 6,100 points, while Nifty is also witnessing a massive drop of 2,000 points. In this market crash, investors have lost more than Rs 43 lakh crore. Now in such a situation the question in the minds of investors is what to do in the market, if you are also a victim of this crash then there is no need to panic. Market experts believe that the market was already overvalued and that this correction would surely occur. In such a situation, we inform you about some of these actions that may prove to be opportunities in the event of a disaster.

The main reason for the market decline today was the election results. In the exit poll, the NDA was estimated to win up to 400 seats. After this, the next day a record rise was observed in the market. Then the expected day arrived, yes, we are talking about June 4, that is, the day of the election results. When the NDA alliance did not obtain the figure of 400 in the results, the market began to fall sharply. Today government actions were seriously affected. The special thing is that the government’s actions were gaining momentum. Those actions were the ones that flew the most. Shares of Railways, along with SBI, LIC and HAL, fell sharply.

Why is the market falling?

The stock market and elections have always gone hand in hand. The market always wants a stable government. According to market experts, whenever there is the possibility of a hanging assembly, there is an earthquake in the market. As is being seen today. This is what was seen in the market on June 4. Now investors fear what will happen next. What will happen to my money? They say that every disaster comes as an opportunity. Therefore, investors should not despair. Market experts talk about many of these sectors where money-making opportunities can now be found.

What do the experts say?

Market expert Puneet Kinra says the market has become overvalued. In such a situation, this correction had to come. Adding to this, the market started reacting after seeing the NDA government falling short of 400 in the election results. When the market opened on Monday after the exit poll, there was a wave of happiness among investors. The reason was the absolute majority government. But when this did not come true, strong profits began to be recorded in the market from Tuesday morning. In no time, the Sensex witnessed its biggest single-day fall in 4 years. Then Nifty recorded a decline in 10 years.

what to do next now

Puneet Kinra says every disaster brings with it an opportunity. In such a situation, investors have the option of investing in large cap indices. According to Puneet Kinra, L&T, Reliance Industries, Mahindra & Mahindra, Bajaj Auto, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank and SBI are some of the stocks that can generate huge profits in the long term. Market expert Vivek Mittal believes stocks like BEL, Tata Power, HDFC Bank, REC, PFC can give good returns in future.


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