The historic chimney in Solapur has finally been destroyed…; Locals said, we are very sad…

The historic chimney of a mill in Solapur, popularly known as Girangaon, has finally been demolished. A historic chimney at Laxmi Mill in Solapur was demolished today. The chimney was demolished by a private company after Solapur Municipal Corporation reported that the chimney in the premises owned by Antarika Infracon Company was dangerous. It took about two hours for the chimney to come down. In Solapur, which was once a warehouse of textile mills, locals have a different relationship with chimneys. Locals reacted emotionally after the chimney was demolished at Laxmi Mill today.

And finally the chimney of Lakshmi Mill was demolished…

The last vestige of Laxmi Mill at Marayai Chowk in Solapur has come to an end today. A historic chimney of Laxmi Mill was demolished today. The chimney was demolished after Solapur Municipal Corporation issued a dangerous warning to this mill. It took two hours for this chimney to fall. It was seen that Solapurkars got emotional due to this.

What is the reaction of the owner Mahesh Bhandari?

We are deeply saddened that the chimney of Lakshmi Mill, a historical place of Solapur, has been demolished. This chimney is the identity of Solapur but it had become dangerous. According to the expert’s report, this chimney was tilted 3 degrees. So we had to break the chimney. We were not happy with the demolition of the chimney but it could have endangered the lives of others. Due to all these reasons, the chimney has been demolished. Mahesh Bhandari, the owner of the place where this chimney was located, said, but we are very sad that the chimney was demolished.

Solapur Municipal Corporation said that this chimney was dangerous in 20 acres of land owned by Antrax Infracon, so this chimney was demolished. After this, this chimney was demolished by a private company. Mahesh Bhandari also said that it took about two hours for this chimney to fall.


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