The beginning is sweet, everything is sweet…; The actress gave a special gift to Subodh Bhave

Subodh Bhave, Shivani SonarImage Credit Source: TV9

Actress Shivani Sonar has given a special gift to actor Subodh Bhave. Shivani has given Subodh a photo frame of the character played by him. This small gift from me as a beginning is sweet and everything is sweet… I have liked Subodh Sir’s work so far… Now I will get a chance to work with him on the occasion of the series ‘Tu Bhetshi Navyane’. So Shivani has shared this special post describing this as a small gift. Subodh and Shivani will be seen together in the serial ‘Tu Bhetshi Navyane’.

The excitement of the serial ‘Tu Behetshi Newli’ is increasing day by day. The audience is curious about when this series will start. This serial will soon be shown to the audience and the shooting of the serial has already started. This serial will soon be seen on Sony Marathi channel. The shooting of the serial has also been completed. During this time Subodh and Shivani met. Shivani, who was eagerly waiting for this opportunity, did not miss this opportunity.

It is every artist’s dream to work with Subodh. Also, this is a special opportunity for Shivani. This was a dream of hers too and now it is going to come true. There is no doubt that she will take full advantage of this opportunity. But in this meeting, Shivani expressed her respect for Subodh. She gifted a photo frame of Subodh’s film posters, which she herself had seen and liked. While giving this frame, we will see the expression on her face and the respect for Subodh. Subodh was also pleased to see this surprise. Subodh praised Shivani for accepting this surprising gift and said that he is also excited to work with her.

Sony Marathi channel has started shooting for the serial ‘Tu Behetshi Navyane’. Shooting has started, which means we will be able to watch the serial soon. Subodh Bhave has previously acted in many popular films and various serials. The various characters played by him have been well liked by the audience. Shivani Sonar’s earlier characters have been well liked by the audience. This series is the world’s first series based on AI in the world. Subodh of 25 years ago and Subodh of now will be seen in this series.


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