The actress had become bald before killing herself, she posted the last video and said…

You never know what can happen in this dazzling world… Even now the death of an actress has created a stir everywhere. Actress Noor Malabika Das, who appeared in Kajol’s film ‘The Trial’, has committed suicide at the age of 32. The actress died at her residence in Juhu, Mumbai. The police have taken Noor’s body into custody and sent it for post-mortem. Many questions are being raised after the death of the actress.

Incidentally, Noor is always active on social media. On June 6, the actress She committed suicide. Before her death, Noor had posted a video on social media. In the video, there was no expression on the actress’s face during the photoshoot. The actress was feeling very sad. Apart from this, there was also a sad song in the background of the video.

Posting the video, the actress captioned, ‘There is only one face and that’s Noor’s… which doesn’t match anyone else’s and I don’t need to look in the mirror my beauty is in your reflection. My mirror is the world sometimes sweet, sometimes nice, sometimes silly, sometimes playful, sometimes naughty, sometimes happy, sometimes kind, sometimes calm, sometimes fierce, sometimes childish, sometimes mature.. according to the swing…’

The actress had become bald before her death.

Noor posted another video on Instagram. In which the actress shaved herself in the parlor. After the death of the actress, her videos are becoming very viral on social media, everywhere only the death of the actress is being discussed.

Talking about actress Noor Malabika Das, before entering the acting world, Noor used to work as an air hostess. Climbing to the peak of success in the acting world, Noor has taken a big step. Apart from ‘The Trial’, Noor has worked in many web series like ‘Siskiya’, ‘Walkman’, ‘Tikhi Chutney’, ‘Jaghanya Sevd’, ‘Charam Sukh’. At this time, only and only the death of the actress is being discussed everywhere.

Actress Noor Malabika Das was always active on social media. She also had a huge fan following on social media. The actress always keeps sharing her photos and videos on social media to stay connected with her fans. Fans and family members are shocked by this sudden decision taken by the actress.


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