The actor was embarrassed when Katrina Kaif touched Manoj Bajpayee’s feet 14 years ago.

‘Politics’ completed 14 years

A film hit theaters on June 4, 2010. The story was completely based on politics. The name of the film was also ‘Rajneeti’. Many big faces were seen in this multistarrer film. The film turned out to be the biggest hit of the year. Recently ‘Rajneeti’ has completed 14 years. Even today people love to watch this movie. Many big faces like Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Ajay Devgn, Manoj Bajpayee and Nana Patekar were seen in the picture.

Where many big actors of the film were present. While Katrina was a little less experienced than everyone else. However, he impressed everyone with his work. But when the film premiered, something happened that made Manoj Bajpayee very embarrassed. Katrina Kaif actually touched Manoj Bajpayee’s feet. Manoj Bajpayee acted brilliantly in this film. Even today people use this dialogue of his, ‘You will get the right answer’, in their common colloquial language.

Katrina Kaif touched Manoj Bajpayee’s feet

14 years ago when the film premiered for the star cast, everyone turned up to watch the picture. Katrina Kaif liked Manoj Bajpayee’s work in the film so much that she reverently touched his feet. But Monj Bajpayee was very embarrassed by his gesture. This was revealed by Manoj Bajpayee during the AAP key court. He said what he was feeling at the time during the show.

Katrina Ruined Everything – Manoj Bajeyi

“Katrina has thrown mud on the ground, she has touched her feet in front of the entire media,” Manoj said. He further said that it was his way of paying tribute to him after watching the film. Apart from this, Manoj said that he felt like an old man when Katrina touched his feet. Moreover, the actor praised Katrina a lot and appreciated her work as well.


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