Tension in Baloda Bazaar, BJP MLA Alleges – Relatives Brutally Beaten by Policemen

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There was a violent clash with the police during the demonstration of the Satnami Samaj in Baloda Bazar.

Relatives of BJP MLA Motilal Sahu were brutally beaten amid protests by the Satnami community in Baloda Bazar district. The assault has been blamed on none other than the 10 police personnel deployed on duty during the Satnami Samaj demonstration. MLA Motilal Sahu demanded action against the accused policemen. He said that along with killing the relatives, the police personnel also vandalized his son’s car.

On Monday, people of the Satnami community were protesting outside the Baloda Bazar collector’s office. The protest went on peacefully till afternoon, but by evening the protest took a violent turn. Violent clashes took place with the people of the Satnami community and the police. During the clashes, the protesting youths broke the barricades, entered the collector’s office and set fire to the vehicles. Meanwhile, people of Satnami community set fire to the collector’s office. Seeing the situation becoming tense, the police force had to be called from the nearby districts as well.

MLA’s relatives were trapped in the demonstration of Satnami Samaj

At present, Section 144 has been enforced across the city, including the Baloda Bazar district headquarters. Collector KL Chauhan has issued an order in this regard. At the same time, policemen on duty are accused of beating relatives of Motilal Sahu, BJP MLA from Raipur Rural, during the protest. This information was given by BJP MLA Motilal Sahu himself. He said that his relatives were brutally beaten by the policemen.

10 policemen accused of assault

MLA Motilal Sahu said that relatives Eklavya Sahu, Nilesh Sinha and driver Baloda Bazar had gone for personal work in son Sameer Sahu’s car. On his way back, he got caught up in the agitation of the Satnami community. The trio were returning after the movement subsided, when 10 police personnel stopped their car near the Baloda Bazar bus stand and brutally beat up the trio. They also vandalized the car of his son Sameer Sahu.

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