Supriya Sule: Government is busy in breaking the party, now trust on new cabinet ministers Supriya Sule took a dig at the civic problems of Pune.

Supriya Sule taunts the state government!

While MP Supriya Sule has targeted the state government, Pune’s cabinet minister Muralidhar Mohol has also been targeted. Rain has hit the state heavily. It has come to light that the claims of development in many cities of the state are watertight. Sule has raised her voice over the civic problems of Pune. She has criticized the Smart City scheme.

The government is trying to break the party

MP Supriya Sule once again criticised the politics of violence in the state. She won the Lok Sabha election in Baramati with a huge margin. After this, she took revenge on the state government. Suggesting that the state government does not have time to solve civic problems in Pune, she told that now the issue will be resolved by the ministers in Pune.

Read about Pune’s problems

MP Supriya Sule read out the problems of Pune. Just yesterday, there was a verbal war between Cabinet Minister Murlidhar Mohol and Supriya Sule. After this, today Supriya Sule read out many civic problems in Pune.

Many things are going on in Pune city. Crime is increasing. People buy houses with difficulty, but all Kollamdalai of Pune has been included in the plan as a smart city, take action on all these encroachments. He said that there were a lot of expectations, but vehicles were vandalized in Hadapsar area. Punekars pay taxes, citizens ask me for answers. Who made the drainage plan, the entire responsibility lies with the municipal administration. He asked the state and central government what happened when it was promoted as a smart city.

The team needs to introspect

Manipur is an important part of the country, Indians live there, the Prime Minister takes oath and a terrorist attack takes place there, not a word is spoken about Manipur, this is an internal matter of the Sangh, on which it should introspect. He said. He replied that he did not know what Ajit Pawar said.

He said, “Parents were crying about the NEET exam, why so many exams? When our government will come, why will there be a demand for so many exams.” Shrirang Barne is a very good MP, his pain is good, his opinion is correct, he said that he knows how BJP deals with allies.


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