Sunny Deol accused of fraud and forgery, not paying Rs 2.5 crore to producers

After the tremendous success of ‘Gadar 2′, Sunny Deol has once again become the makers’ favorite. Sunny Deol is working in many of his films, the audience is eagerly waiting for his release. Fans keep their eye on the information related to the actor’s films. But in the meantime Sunny Deol’s name is once again in discussion. However, this time he is in the limelight not because of his films but because of cheating the producer.

In fact, recently filmmaker Saurav Gupta accused Sunny Deol of fraud and scam. The producer alleged that the actor took crores of rupees from him for a film, but when it came time to film, he did not work. Saurav Gupta also held a press conference last week, in which he said that in 2016 he had signed a film deal with Sunny Deol. But after Ghadar 2 became a hit, Sunny went back on his words.

The producer also says that Sunny kept asking him for money and so far he has given the actor Rs 2.55 crore. Apart from this, Sunny Deol also asked him to give money to other directors, book Filmistan Studios and hire an executive producer. But in the year 2023, Saurav Gupta came to know that Deol Company had cheated him.


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