Solapur battle between MNS and Sharad Pawar, one lakh pages, which post?

In the Lok Sabha elections, everyone’s aim was to get out of Maharashtra. Mahayuti and Mahavikas Aghadi have exerted all their strength, but Mahayuti is being seen as a strength. Sharad Pawar group, Thackeray group and Congress have done wonders. Exit poll results are decided by Lok Sabha 30 Jaganwar Gulal Udhala. The power of the Grand Alliance may have been seen due to the split of the two major parties like the Shiv Sena and the Nationalist Party. Just got out the wine and walked around. Due to the split between the nationalist and Shiv Sena parties, activists may have clashed in many places, including rural areas. In many places there was division between families. Somewhere the page may have been lost, somewhere in Solapur Lok Sabha constituency, one lakh lakh pages may have been lost.

In Solapur itself, Paige was among the officials of the Sharad Pawar group and the MNS. Congress candidate Praniti Shinde and BJP candidate Ram Satpute will face each other in Solapur. In which Praniti Shinde won. Who is a million pages? There would have been a fight between MNS leader Prashant Ingle and Sharad Pawar Gattache leader Prashant Babar. Ram Satpute’s claim to win the Solapur Lok Sabha will be proved trivial by Prashant Ingle. While Congress wife Shinde Jinkar would have made such a claim against nationalist Sharad Pawar or Prashant Babar.

If Praniti Shinde of Congress had won the election in the Lok Sabha elections, Prashant Ingle would have lost the page. After which the MNS official gave a check of one lakh rupees to Sharad Pawar Gatala. Prashant Ingle, a mere mind, offered 1 lakh rupees to the nationalist Sharad Pawar and Prashant Babar did not accept it, a banana peel for distributing literature to students.

Praniti Shinde is the first woman MP from Solapur Lok Sabha constituency. Praniti Shinde is the first woman MP of Solapur Lok Sabha. Praniti Shinde has won with 74,814 votes. Praniti Shinde of Congress would have got a lead of 74197 votes in EVM and 617 votes in postal ballot. While Praniti Shinde got a total of 6,20,225 votes, BJP’s Ram Satpute got 5,46,028 votes. Praniti Shinde got 617 votes in postal voting.


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