‘Sir, wife eats gutkha, how to keep her together’, the husband appealed to the SP

A unique case has come up against the police in Purnia district of Bihar. The woman complained to the police that her husband had left her and was going to remarry. But, the case turned out to be different when the husband was called. The husband asked the officers sitting in the counseling center to first ask what is in his mouth. On enquiry, it was revealed that the woman was addicted to eating gutkha. Displeased with this reason, her husband left her.

According to information, a woman from Zunikala approached Purna SP Upendra Nath Verma with a complaint against her husband. In her complaint to the SP, the woman has said that her marriage has only been one and a half years and her husband has left her. These days a woman is forced to live in her mother’s place and her husband no longer even pays for her expenses. The woman said in the complaint that her husband is preparing for second marriage.

The husband listened silently

After hearing the matter, SP Upendra Nath Verma sent him to the counseling center. The woman and her husband were called from the counseling center. The woman’s husband reached the counseling center. After this both were counselled. In the meantime, the first lady faced all the complaints of her husband. The husband sat quietly and listened. The woman said that her husband does not talk to her properly, does not take her anywhere, does not even give her pocket money.

Suffering from Gutkha addiction

Meanwhile, the husband did not say anything. When the officers of the counseling center asked him what was the problem, the husband said to ask the woman what is in her mouth. On being asked, the woman said that she was eating gutkha. After this, the husband said that he was very disturbed by the woman’s habit of drinking gutkha. He has rejected the woman many times but is not ready to give up the gutkha. He used to give money to the woman for household expenses and she used to eat gutkha when he stopped giving money, money started being stolen from her pocket. Frustrated with this, the husband left her at her maternal uncle’s house and the woman has been living there ever since. Husband said wherever you take her she spits, always has bad breath.

The husband said that if the woman stopped eating gutkha, he was ready to keep it with him. On this the officials of the counseling center persuaded the woman to give up the gutkha. The woman threw the gutkha packet there and abandoned it.

Mohit Pandit/Purnia


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