Shock in Lok Sabha, same shock in Vidhan Sabha… Who warned the Mahagathbandhan government?

Farmer leader Ravikant Tupkar recently contested the Lok Sabha elections for the first time from Buldhana. But he had to face defeat by a small margin, while his opponent Prataprao Jadhav won from this constituency and became the MP of Buldhana Lok Sabha constituency. Meanwhile, Ravikant Tupkar has commented on this and has given the reasons for his defeat. The swearing-in ceremony has been done and the politics of the state leaders is over, so now attention should also be paid to the farmers of the state. People do not get seeds. Pick loan is not available. Those who elected should pay attention to this. There is a lot of dissatisfaction among the farmers due to this. At one time the patience of the farmers may break. Ravikant Tupkar warned that the farmers of Maharashtra will give the same blow in the assembly as they gave in the Lok Sabha.


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