Shivpuri: ‘How did you transfer me?’ When the DFO removed it, the Rangers put up posters all over the city.

Ranger Kritika Shukla put up posters of DFO Sudhanshu Yadav.

Kotwali police of Shivpuri district on Monday arrested three accused in the case of putting up posters of Forest Department DFO Sudhanshu Yadav across the city. The arrested accused during interrogation said that Ranger Kritika Shukla asked them to put up posters of DFO. Kritika Shukla was upset with Sudhanshu Yadav being taken away from the charge. Sudhanshu took the charge from Kritika and gave it to Shruti Rathore, which angered Kritika Shukla and tried to tarnish her image.

On June 8, the Kotwali police were told by the acting forester of the forest range, Shivpuri, that DFO Sudhanshu Yadav was attacked by unknown persons at various places in the district like Vivekananda Toltex, to malign the image of DFO Sudhanshu Yadav. Indecent words and obscene comments have been written against Forest Divisional Officer in Wanganga, Karbala, Do Batti, Bhadaiya Kund area. Based on the complaint, Kotwali police have registered a case against unknown people and started investigation.

Police arrested 3 accused

SP Aman Singh Rathore said that the police team examined the CCTV cameras installed in the city, from which the CCTV footage of Karbala and ITI Tirahe was examined and the three perpetrators of the incident were seen pasting posters at various places. . Two of the three persons were identified as Shaukat Ali (Forest Guard) and Prabhudayal Sharma (Forest Guard) of Shivpuri. On interrogation of both the accused, it was found that they had pasted the posters given by ranger Kritika Shukla in the city. Another friend Ramesh Sharma, a resident of Juni Shivpuri, was also with him in pasting the poster.

Ranger Kritika Shukla absconding

SP Aman Singh Rathore said ranger Kritika Shukla was given a notice for questioning, but she is absconding. Their search is on. During interrogation, the three accused said that Ranger Kritika Shukla had put up such posters in the city with the intention of getting DFO Sudhanshu Yadav transferred and defaming him.

DFO informed about this

In this matter, DFO Sudhanshu Yadav said that ranger Kritika Shukla was posted in the Kolaras range. He was suspended for negligence in work. Besides, a departmental inquiry is also going on against him. Ranger Kritika Shukla has been removed from Kolaras and replaced by Ranger Shruti Rathore. Since then, she has been making trumped-up allegations. There have been many attempts to defame him in the past as well.


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