Shinde’s supporter Kripal Tumane shows the mirror to Mahayuti; Discussion of ‘those’ statements

Shiv Sena leader Kripal Tumane, from Chief Minister Eknath Shinde’s party, has shown the mirror to the grand alliance. The grand alliance did not get the expected success in the Lok Sabha elections in the state. Kripal Tumane has analyzed the exact reason behind this. “The entire responsibility was on our three parties. All the three parties tried and worked for more than 40 seats. But the Congress worked to create misunderstanding in the minds of some voters. Kripal Tumane said that we have lagged behind. Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis is needed in this government.’ There is a good relationship between Chief Minister Eknath Shinde and Devendra Fadnavis. He takes good decisions in the cabinet. So there is no need for Fadnavis to resign.’ I think he should stay in the government and work for the party”, Kripal Tumane said.

“In some places we announced tickets late, candidates changed. This has hit us. In Nashik seat, Mumbai seat, Thane, Ramtek, some changes were announced after a delay. In some places new candidates came. If Bhavna had fought closely, we would have won those seats. We would have won the Hingoli seat as well. I am sure we would have won the Ramtek seat and we would have got 13 to 14 seats. Our strike rate would have been good in the state. Even today, Shiv Sena is doing well in the state,” said Kripal Tumane.

“It is certain that the old candidates have suffered losses. Because the old candidates have contacts in most of the villages. After fielding a new candidate, it takes a lot of time to reach the village”, Kripal Tumane said. “The same thing happened in Ramtek, Yavatmal, there are a large number of villages there. The name of the old candidate was on the lips of the people present there. But the candidate was changed there. I can definitely say that the damage has been done”, Kripal Tumane said.

“We will discuss it in the meeting”

“In the meeting we are going to have, all the leaders will meet to discuss what has happened so far and what needs to be done. We are going to think about it. Whatever has happened is done. But we are going to think about how to perform well in the next elections. Because we want to bring a government under the leadership of Eknath Shinde in the state. We will make efforts for this. Chief Minister Shinde will become the Chief Minister, claimed Kripal Tumane.

‘Everyone knows who changed the seat and what was the pressure behind it, but if someone insists that it affected the grand alliance, then his insistence will have to be accepted, but those who had to change the seat should think about it now’, said Shiv Sena Shinde faction leader Kripal Tumane.


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